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Artistic Director Ali von Stein
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The studio is located in trendy Wrangel Kietz in Berlin Kreuzberg, just a 3 minute walk from the U1 stop of Schlesisches Tor. To find us walk through to the second courtyard of Schlesische Str 38.

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This Summer we are happy to collaborate with SMASH Berlin, an independent platform dedicated to developing research in contemporary performance through a series of full-time physical training programs. Its conception originates from a desire to create temporary, non-hierarchical spaces in which to share with participants the multifaceted scene of contemporary dance evolving in Berlin.

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The Play about the Baby

Theater Productions

New Theater Production:

‘The Play about the Baby’ by Edward Albee
A Play in two Acts

Showcase at Play2C Studio Theater

on 3-4-5-6 and 9-10-11-12 July 2014
All shows 20:00 except Wednesday 9th July at 19:00

Tickets € 15 reduced € 10 Book Online
tickets@play2c.com / 01781685550

Contact for publicity stacey@play2c.com

Contains nudity

Directed by Ali von Stein
With: Susan Patrick, Ric Oquita, Fanny Schmid, Stuart Meyers

In a time where unpleasant experiences and undesirable outcomes can be deleted, postponed or kept out of sight with the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger, what happens when an intervention kicks down your door?
What if we could find a formula for change and the growth of human consciousness and what if there was a theater where the audience is put through the same process as the protagonists of the play.
This and more could happen to you in ‘The Play about the Baby’, a brilliant and provocative two act play about perception of reality and manipulation of perception. ‘Girl’ and a ‘Boy’ a young couple with baby lost in sex and infatuation encounter ‘Man’ and ‘Woman’ who hook up for a play of cat and mouse with ´Boy´, ´Girl´ and the audience, in the process of which the baby is stolen and the young people are psychologically railroaded.
Are ‘Man’ and ‘Woman’ just playing mind games?
Or does the only path to emotional awakening lead through this kind of pain?
Will ‘Boy’ and ‘Girl’ look at their immature experience of reality and face this pain and loss?
Brilliantly written, funny, entertaining, disturbing and hugely relevant to our time.

Edward Albee, a three time Pulitzer Prize winner is one of the greatest living American Playwrights. Through his play ‘Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf’ he became known throughout the world. With his plays he created a synthesis between American and European theater – between Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams and Eugene O’Neill and the absurdists like Samuel Beckett, Sartre and Ionesco. Rooted in both Traditions Albee investigates the origins of consciousness, the questions that originate here and how human nature faces or denies them.


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