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Artistic Director Ali von Stein
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The studio is located in trendy Wrangel Kietz in Berlin Kreuzberg, just a 3 minute walk from the U1 stop of Schlesisches Tor. To find us walk through to the second courtyard of Schlesische Str 38.

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This Summer we are happy to collaborate with SMASH Berlin, an independent platform dedicated to developing research in contemporary performance through a series of full-time physical training programs. Its conception originates from a desire to create temporary, non-hierarchical spaces in which to share with participants the multifaceted scene of contemporary dance evolving in Berlin.

helpwanted(1)Administration, Technical Crew or Publicity & Marketing There are no training requirements for volunteer opportunities - just get involved!

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Terminal Connections

Theater Productions

A collection of six short plays which show lives in transition in the contained and suspended world of an airport setting. More than a dozen characters are weaving their way into each other over the course of a series of meaningful departures, layovers or arrivals. In these slices of destiny we travel from suspicion to attraction, fear to trust, alienation to connection and stress to love.

En route young Shay finds herself confronted with the hard facts of her destination by the radical demonstration of a fellow traveller. An unnerved grandmother finds an unexpected communion with her estranged granddaughter in the course of a layover. Expat New Yorker Fiona returns to her native New Zealand and rather faces the audience than her family waiting outside the gate. Two arrivals strive to continue an intimate inflight moment at the terminal where they part after finding new direction in a bittersweet meeting. In another scene a distressed woman finds enlightenment in the form of a mercilessly nosy stranger who helps to mend two broken hearts, his and hers. Ghosts of the past are challenged and transformed by a desperate passenger with the help of two very curious security personnel. The chorus figure of a grounded Air Captain joins all six plays.

“Where I Come From” by Daniel Reitz
“Storks” by Catherine Filloux
“Haere Mai Ki Aotearoa” by Julie McKee
“Terminal Connection” by Ari Roth
“The Airport Play” by Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros
“The Flight of the Last Calhoon” by Quincy Long

Venue: Play2C Studio  Schlesische Str 38  10997 Berlin and English Theatre Berlin Fidicin Str 40  10965 Berlin
Director: Ali von Stein
Cast: Peter Romero, Florian Kleine, Katina Mitchell, Atilla Oener, Christine Utterberg, Ingrid Fraley, SummerBanks, Ali von Stein, Corinne Prochaska, Pedro Malacas, Lousie Watts, Glenn Conroy, Lacey Hanes, Carrie Getman, David Masterson, Angus McGruther
Set Design: Garth Gregory
Light Design: Nuria Perez-Sanchez
Original Score and Sound Design: Neven Dayvid, Thomas Tichai
Production: Krisana Locke

NPR Radio Interview 2011 on Terminal Connections
ExBerliner May 2011
Theater J Blog Washington DC

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